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Bring on Jungle
Vibes to Your

The symbolize of love, nature, and growth,
philodendron are a great fit for
eco-friendly living home.

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#The Tropical Treasure

Collect Dazzling Color of Anthurium

Grow your garden with our latest Anthurium plants, instantly bringing
vacation vibes to your home with its bold blooms for months.

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#Wonderfully Simple Plant

The Exceptional
Air Purifier

Tolerance in any conditions, and the fact that they will thrive with low light, Aglaonema is a perfect choice for less than ideal air & light conditions home.

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Certified Products

Free Phytosanitary certificate for every purchase.

Safely Packaged

Every plants shipped with sphagnum moss media and hot/cold resistant boxes.

Overseas Delivery

Enjoy plants delivered to your door, worldwide.


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